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Giving You a Clear Picture of Your Property

Alexandria Surveys, LLC in Stafford, Virginia is your full-service provider of property surveys for a wide variety of uses. With more than 50 years of business behind us, our land surveyors make sure that you get the crystal-clear information you need to properly plan and make decisions about your property. From grading plans to house location surveys, let us help you get the plats your need at the price you want.

Giving You a Higher Standard of Service

When you hire us to survey your land, we make sure to give you unbeatable value every time. Our company ensures that you get a competitively low rate that no competitor can match, with the quick turnaround time you need to make progress in your work. You get a superior level of accuracy with every one of our property the end of every survey.

Handling an Array of Surveying Needs

Know what parameters you're working with on your land, and get your projects completed quickly with our land surveys. Let us help with issues like:

  • Boundary Surveys
  • House Location Surveys
  • ALTA & ACSM Surveys
  • GPS — Horizontal & Vertical State Plane Control
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Elevation & FEMA Flood Certification
  • Lot Stakeout & Property Line Stakeouts
  • Special Permit, Use, & Exception Plat
  • Construction Site Layout
  • Subdivision & Easement Plats
  • Grading Plans
  • Setback Certifications
Topography Equipment